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Professional Ready-Mix Drum Cleaning

Don't Lose A Day of Work

Ultra-Safe Robotic Concrete Removal

Safe & Effective

What We Do

We are professional concrete drum cleaning specialists. Put simply, we remove hardened concrete from cement truck drums using a high-pressure robotic pressure washer.

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AAA Hydro Jet G4 Machine

How It Works

Our high-pressure robotic water cleaner is the safest option on the market because it doesn't require our technicians to enter your truck's drum. And because it's so quick, there is no need to shut down your entire fleet. Instead, we'll work on one truck at a time and have it back in service in no time at all.

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Before + After


A concrete mixing drum in need of cleaning.


Concrete rubble from a cleaned drum.


A concrete mixing drum after being cleaned by our team

Maximum Efficiency

Why Choose AAA Hydro Solutions
Over Our Competitors?

Reduce Hazards

No Man In the Drum

Exceeds OSHA silica safety compliance

Minimal fatigue and heat stress on operator

Eliminates injuries from large chunks of falling concrete

Only one truck out of service at a time

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A cement truck being cleaned by our cleaning system.

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